Thursday, 11 February 2016

LAWSAN President Blames Poor Condition of LAWSAN Facility on Sacked Cleaners

Presidency blames poor condition of LAWSAN convenience on sacked Cleaners.
Iyene John (LAWSAN President 2015/2016)

Barely 24 hours after Revolutionary Youths publication of the deplorable state of the LAWSAN convenience, the President through it's Chief Press Secretary blamed the sacked cleaners for the poor condition of LAWSAN convenience and hints that the Vice President will ensure the toilet is kept clean as she has procured the necessary implements to arrest the situation.

The statement reads thus:


The illogical, absurd and irrational release by an unpopular blog which is aimed at demeaning and distracting the lawsan government has come to the notice of the presidency and well meaning lawsanites are advised not to be misled by the activities of people whose predilection is to sell a lie all in a bid to gain Cheap popularity.

However the president has been involved in talks with the Dean of law and the following facts have
been established :

1. That the cleaners employed to ensure that the faculty
premises are kept perpetually clean were sacked

2. That the Newly employed cleaners will resume work on Tuesday, the 16th day of February, 2016.

Mean while, the vice président had activated a tentative plan of keeping the toilet clean by procuring some
washing tools with her personal fund and this goes a long way to show that the government is ready to give
lawsanites selfless service. All lawsanites should remain assured that the lawsan government is focused and committed to ensure that it does more with less and LAWSAN is given a facelift and will not be distracted by men who comment, condemn and pontificate over irrelevant issues.

Gideon Edem
Chief Press Secretary"

Meanwhile, we at Revolutionary Youths want to thank the Government for hearing the lamentations of LAWSANites on the poor state of the toilet facilities and promise to ensure that the role of the media as a watchdog of government is duly carried out.


  1. Boss abeg wetin u want my president 2 do, u fit help us clean de toilet Shea.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. u and your big mouth are u going crae?? Of all ur priorities, it's d toilet u care most about.. Oww I know why.. COS THAT IS WHERE YOU BELONG!!!