Wednesday, 10 February 2016

"Stop shinning your teeth and work" LAWSANites tell Mr President.

"Stop shinning your teeth and work" LAWSANites tell Mr President.

After the swearing in of Mr President, the LAWSAN convenience has suddenly become a disease trap to LAWSANites.

LAWSANites have never had it this bad, coming from a man who won at the polls overwhelmingly.

LAWSAN toilet close to President Office

The pictures you see, is the current state of the LAWSAN convenience adjacent to the President's office. One of the legacies left by his predecessor lying in shambles. Mr President who on the day of his manifesto presentation made some juicy promises to LAWSANites is still trying to get his foot on the pedal.

Female toilet in the Faculty

LAWSANites are yet to feel any impact or whatsoever of your Seven Day Intervention Program (see picture below: circled yellow).

Iyene John's manifesto

Mr President sir, with utmost humility, stop saying "cheese" for the camera and fold your sleeves.

Sometimes, I wonder if the President does not make use of that toilet, or doesn't percieve the odour oozing out from it, owing to how close his office is to the convenience.

Get to work Sir!!!

Clean up the LAWSAN toilet!!!

Aluzu, Ebikebuna Augustine
For God and conscience

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