Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Uwemedimo Dominic (Deity) gives LAWSAN a timely warning

Deity Warns LAWSANites against perjury.

The ferocious and intrepid Activist in University of Uyo and Chief Press Secretary to the 2014/2015 LAWSAN Government Uwemedimo Dominic (Paapa Akpan) has issued out a timely warning to those seeking elective offices in LAWSAN and threatens to re-awaken the LAWSAN High Court from its current state of doldrums in a move he described as helping the Federal government fight impunity by instituting action against those who will lie under oath before standing election.

In a statement which the foremost Activists released 13/1/2016 which he titled "LAWSAN, ATTENTION! BEFORE THE ELECTION" admonished political desperados in the Faculty vying to contest an election in LAWSAN to "open a LAWSAN Constitution as a matter of legal duty to check and be sure that he has the Constitutional requirements in terms of CGPA to stand for their respective offices before they purchase forms."

If there is anything this no nonsense activist is known for is that he does not issue out empty threats. It can be recalled that in this 2015/2016 session, he dragged the College of ClassReps to court for what he perceived as usurpation of the powers of the Vice President.

He craved the indulgence of his colleagues (memners of his Constituency) to pay particular attention as they will not be shielded from prosecution if they are found wanting.

Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine
Reporting for Revolutionary Youths.

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