Saturday, 16 January 2016

I am in the race for LAWSAN presidency to restore the integrity of LAWSAN

Our team of Reporters caught up with a foremost Presidential Aspirant of LAWSAN, inspite of his busy schedule, he granted us an interview.

read the excerpts.

Who is Inyene John?

Inyene John is just a simple human being, I was born in a quiet Village in Akwa Ibom state and that makes me a Nigerian. I am a Christian. I am presently by the grace of God a final year Law student of the University of Uyo.
Inyene John

Recently, you have become a much-talked about personality in LAWSAN to the extent of almost looking larger than life, what's the secret of your charisma? I mean what makes people like you this much?

Hahahha, I am really humbled to hear that from you, but I am just aware for the first time. I do not think I am anyway close to being larger than  life. I am just someone like any other person, probably, if you say people like me, it can only be because I love people, I really do... I listen to them when they are down and rejoice with them when they are up, that's probably the reason, i do not give up on people,I do not give them money, i do just the little things within my capacity to make them happy,I believe I have been able to grasp the meaning of real happiness by identifying with people, not when you need them but when they need you.

Why are you in the race?

This is a very critical question. Initially, I was not keen about this course, I am a very conservative person. I thought I could hide and make my grades and graduate and become a Lawyer, but I discovered that along the line that people, students are not really satisfied about so many things in LAWSAN and i have this gift of reading questions on people's faces, when I listen to them, I hear words of deep sorrows, sadness and hope regarding LAWSAN. I am not really skilful in boastfulness, but I am in the race for LAWSAN presidency to restore the integrity of LAWSAN, and return the Association to the students. I want to bring back those glory days of LAWSAN grants and academic laurels, not only physical development, but mental revival and excellence.
Inyene John at 2015 LAWSAN dinner

Many perceive that you do not have a Godfather and as such, you may have financial difficulty.

Hahahha... You know, it is really a funny thing to hear that peopke have Godfathers in Students Associations, it is really really funny. But I want to state here that, i am just a student, and what I have are the students, with the support and protection of God, and the encouragement of my fellow students, I do not think I need any other Godfather. I have discovered that one with God is majority.

Do you do campaign of calumny?

This is a very good question. You know, as a student of law, I know the legal implication of calumny, and will not want to engage in it for whatever reason. As a person, I am guided by the principles of the Christian religion which says "remove the log from your eyes before you see it in the eyes of your fellow man" and as such, I have never indulged in it. However, and as expected in politics, people do it for political reasons. We have heard many demeaning things said against our personalities, but I have always advised that we play according to the rules of honour, having recourse to the fact that, LAWSAN is but a transit camp in out earthly sojourn.
The Prince Relaxing

One last word for LAWSANites

Remain stoic, trust in your dreams, come out en-masse and prove to the world that indeed, in every situation #Godwin.