Thursday, 14 January 2016

10 Reasons You Should Vote Iyene John for LAWSAN President

In January 2009, Americans were faced with a dilemma of choosing between John McCain, a war hero, who will die for America and Barack Obama, an intelligent youngman who had the answer to the problems of United States of America.. Americans chose Obama, not for the mere fact that he is black, it was because ideas rule the world and at that time, Obama was proffering solutions to the problems America was faced with.

Lawsanites will also chose Inyene because he has the solutions to the numerous problems facing lawsanites especially human capacity development and one most unique trait in him is that he doesn't lack solutions to a problem, if you doubt me, fire him with a hypothetical problem and watch him break it down realistically. His position at the top of his Class is a clear testament to his intelligence. Iyene John is a beacon of hope to countless LAWSANites as he has proven that though money can by grades, it cannot by good brains.

One quality that eludes most of the politicians we have in our nation Nigeria, Inyene John is honest to the core. He will always tell you what it is and not what you want to hear, that is why most people like him.

If a poll should be conducted on which lawsanite is the most approachable, i wouldnt be surprise if Inyene John is at the summit. He is not proud, good at listening, he is always available because he stays in the hostel most times, he relates with everyone very
well because he feels, as a leader he should be a servant and not a BOSS. I like his optimism even when people think there is no hope, he always believes there will be a way.

Humility is his watch word, though he is badly intelligent, he doesn't let that get into his head. Inyene John respects everyone including his different opponents, despite the series of unfair attacks in the form of propagandas he
receives on daily basis.Just like Jesus' disciples, he doesnt allow it to affect who he is-a strong trait of a great leader.

He is also very confident in all his actions and that he will deliver on all his promises.

I was fairly young when Barack Obama was doing his campaign to become the President of the United State Of America. The first black man ever to have dared to try that. His campaign slogan 'YES WE CAN' inspired me.

Mc'Cain his opponent, a white man, has a stronghold in Los Angele's which by virtue of its population, was densely populated by the whites, and it was predicted that Obama will lose woefully in Los Angeles.

Probably because Los Angeles was full of rich white folks. Obama courageously mounted the rostrum and in his effort to make his campaign speech he said "Dear country men and women, I have tasted what it feels like to walk 50 miles from my house to school, and I have also had the privilege of driving in porch cars, I think I am balanced to lead both the rich and the poor" immediately after that speech, the scale of voting started increasing, Obama's scale increased and towered above Mc'Cain's.

This young intellectual can be likened to Obama in LA who knows what it feels to trek to school on a sunny day. Inyene John is capable of leading both the rich and the poor

In the midst of a gentle and meek soul is a very strong character that stands for justice, Inyene John can go to the end of the world and back to see you smile, he makes every LAWSANites problem his own. He is always uncomfortable when a LAWSANite is uncomfortable. I saw this when a colleague of mine approach him based on a missing test result last semester,he provided solutions which was followed and the
issue was resolved.

A true christian, Inyene John possess all the qualities of a true christian as required by the holy book, his shibboleth is same as God's and above all, he is God fearing.

He has worked as a teacher, he is a successful teacher who has all the weaponry in his vessel to quench the fire in LAWSAN and rebrand it, he has the experience to turn the tide,
he knows how to help LAWSANites to improve on their grade, better grades.

Inyene John works very hard, we can see that in his grades, he does not give up when it matters most, he is always there for anyone even non-Lawsanites. He is independent because as we all know, he is on his own, no sponsors, no godfather, so he owes his loyalty to no one but God, him and him alone...

Ideas they say rules the world, a man sat down and thought about travelling to the moon, he made the necessary device. It was ideas that made that possible, not age or experience. He has little money compared to others but he is loaded with ideas and as we know Ideas rule the world... Inyene John knows how to get things done and not just getting things done, but in the right way and manner...His commitment to his life ideals and ideas is second to none.

The best hand to leave LAWSAN in!!!...and one more thing,he is always happy and smiles alot # lols ...maybe because he knows God will never let him down because his plans for LAWSAN are genuine!!!

# GodblessLAWSAN
# GodblessUNIUYO
# GodblessNIGERIA

Edited by - Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine

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