Saturday, 2 January 2016


Creator of all human life, we reverend you.

In your image and equality all human being was made. May we continuously dedicate ourselves to defending the embryo and all those threatened by the culture of death. We ask You to touch the hearts of all mothers considering abortion, the abortionists, and those who support killing preborn babies.

Soon, you knew of me My mother - my father
I had no say in my being
I lived on trust And love
Tho' I could not think,
Each part of me was saying a silent 'Wait for me, I will bring you love!'

There was no SAN, to take my brief.
I was judged guilty before I was even heard.
The cot I might have warmed,
Stood in Maigari's shop window.

When my passing was told, my father smiled,
My mother breath a sigh of relief.
I was the scar she was not ready to wear on her face.

No grief filled my empty space.
My death was celebrated.

My shining feet will never run
On early morning lawn;
My feet were crushed before they had
A chance to greet the dawn
My fingers will never stretch
My race was done before I learned
The smallest steps to take
My growing height will never be
Recorded on a wall;
My growth was stopped when I was still Unseen and very small
My lips and tongue will never taste
The good fruits of the earth;
For I myself was judged to be
A fruit of little worth
My eyes will never scan the sky
For my high-flying kite;
For when still blind, destroyed were they In the black womb of the night
I will never stand upon a hill
Aborted winds of thought closed in
On motherhood's despair
My dream stolen;
Before I had the chance to close my eyes
I will never walk the shores of life
Or know the tides of time;
For I was coming but unloved,
And what was my only crime?
Nameless am I, a grain of sand
One of the countless dead.

Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine

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