Tuesday, 16 February 2016

INYENE JOHN; Tales of a revolution of impunity and the untold story of a power drunk dictator!

Sampson Ibifrank and Blessing Augustine becomes De-facto LAWSAN President and Vice President.
This is certainly not the best of times for LAWSAN. It appears the much talked about revolution is now a revolution of impunity as the man who just 25 days ago swore to defend and protect the LAWSAN Constitution is now colluding with his lieutenants to openly rape the same constitution. It was a show of shame yesterday 15/2/2016 during the meeting of the LAWSAN Bar Association. Our reporter gathered that not long after the meeting had kicked off, it was unanimously agreed that the meeting be rescheduled to allow for more time and notice to be given to interested counsels to pay their practicing fees and join the LAWSAN Bar. Just before the meeting was formally adjourned, two of the LAWSAN President's foot soldiers stormed the Law Assembly Hall in a commando styled show of aggression and disrupted the meeting. Our sources later gathered that the two men had not paid their practicing fees in line with section 55(5)(a) of the LAWSAN Constitution and therefore had no business with the said meeting of the Bar and were only acting a script. Again, trouble brewed on the evening of Monday 15/2/2016 about 16:00hours GMT around the vicinity of the Faculty of Law when Samson Ibifrank a 500 level Law student of Law who goes with the self styled title of the 'DG' and the sole 'GOdfather' of the current LAWSAN President, threw caution to the wind, even at the risk of portraying the noble profession of Law in disrepute, shouting to top heavens that "no one has the right to contribute any meaningful ideas or suggest to the President except him, especially if that person did not support the President during the electioneering period, and that those who did not vote for the President has no right to use the LAWSAN facilities." This threat played out today, Tuesday (16/2/2016) when in fulfilment of the requirement of the LAWSAN Constitution the Registrar of the LAWSAN Judiciary and secretary of the LAWSAN Judicial Council pasted a few notices emanating from the LAWSAN Judicial Council and a notice calling for counsels to pay their practicing fees in front of the Faculty. Our reporter learnt that the notices calling for qualified Lawsanites in year IV to submit application to the LAWSAN Judicial Council for onward recommendation to the LAWSAN President for appointment as Judges in line with section 41(2) of the LAWSAN Constitution did not go down well with the LAWSAN President. Few minutes thereafter, the LAWSAN President Mr. Inyene John with the assistance of one Sampson Frank and Blessing Augustine in year V openly vow to flush all Judges and Justices from the LAWSAN Judiciary and equally vowed not to take any recommendations from the LAWSAN Judicial Council in appointing judicial officers irrespective of what the LAWSAN Constitution provides. This is coming barely 2 weeks after one Mr. Ukeme Akpakpan, a member of the year 5 class was shamefully locked out of the LAWSAN Moot Court by another lieutenant of the LAWSAN President and was sternly warned that the LAWSAN Moot Court is out of bounce for him because he didn't vote for Inyene John. Sampson Ibifrank, together with Blessing Augustine swung into action. They tore the notice in the presence of other students and rant vituperations against the members of the LAWSAN Bar. It should be noted that Sampson is a common LAWSANite and as such, has no right to such action. Blessing Augustine, the former Vice President who was booted out of office by the then Dean College of Classreps Idongesit Etim (Asiwaju), and whose predicament led to the civil suit against the Dean College of Classreps (Idongesit Etim) for usurping her functions. It is now clear, that she in turn has usurped the functions of the current President (Sifon Bassey), while Sampson on the other hand is the De-facto LAWSAN President, relinquishing Iyene John to play second fiddler. Sadly, this tyrannical act is coming from a President who strolled to victory at the polls consequent of the actions of similar acttion of the then Dean College of Classreps. For a President who's ambition would have been dead and buried was he to be successfully shortchanged in congress on the day of ELECO formation but not for the courageous activism and spartan show of legal industry by a few Lawsanites who braved the odds to ensure justice, equity and transparency on that historic day. His new found love for impunity and lawlessness is terribly absurd and heartbreaking. Twenty five (25) days after swearing in, the LAWSAN President has attempted no single item of his campaign promises, even the 7 days emergency intervention programmes has become a farce. As more and more LAWSANites continue to grumble over the cluelessness of the LAWSAN government, there are emerging although unconfirmed stories that many key and renowned Lawsanites who supported Inyene John's candidacy are slowly abandoning him on daily basis due to his sudden attempt to return LAWSAN to the dark era.
As the government continues groping, more and more LAWSANites are increasingly afraid of the coming days... © Revolutionary Youths

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