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We are inspired by Moses Siloko Siasia's life:

Who says there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Then, you are yet to meet with Moses Siloko Siasia, the standard flag bearer of the gubernatorial race in Bayelsa state under the People's Democratic Movement (PDM). It was not a smooth ride for Moses, no, not at all. The road was rocky and thorny but with diligence, determination and focus, there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

Indeed, dreams do come true.

Moses lost his dad when he was barely an inchoate child, with his widowed mother all that he had left, only few would boast of an easier upbringing. At 11 years of age, he had to sell sachet water and ice block on the street to assist his mother and his othe siblings to surmount their predicament at that time. He was virtually a street vendor.

Moses Siasia was uncomfortable with poverty and in his determination to change that status; began as a teenage to be enterprising selling ICE BLOCKS in order to survive and assist his poor windowed mother. He also indulged in manual jobs and over time has gone on to build one of Nigeria’s most successful business enterprises-the MOSILO GROUP.

Moses in a statement said: "I saw poverty but I told myself I wasn’t going to give
myself to crime. I lived in an environment where we had no food, no toilet. I almost lost my life but God intervened. I looked after myself. 17 years ago, I was in the
streets of Port Harcourt hawking oranges and selling Ice block but, at that time, I told myself I wasn’t going to be subservient to my situation; I was going to work hard because I believed there is a deposit of potentials in me."

Could the story be thesame for every child who grew up in the slums and creeks of the impoverished Niger Delta region? How many people have had to give up on their dreams because they were simply asked to be realistic? With real life stories such as Moses's, lives and lives would be touched for the better in our state. Moses also stressed that it wasn't an easy ride at all, not for him or for any other person out there. In his words: "from that humble background- I washed rugs, planted flowers. Today, the story is different. I have built a
business of a group of companies, we have interest in various sectors, and I have employed many persons, mostly youths. Mosilo Group is a leading name in energy services, real estate, agriculture, marine services among others". Mind you, all these was made possible with a lean budget.

Having had his childhood in the Niger Delta region and experienced firsthand some of the sufferings of the people in that region, especially the young ones, Siasia was determined to change it and upgrade the lifestyle of the people, especially that of the young persons. Driven by this passion to help upgrade the psyche of the young people and provide a platform for self expression, Moses Siasia founded the Niger Delta Young Professionals (NDYP). This group was amongst other thing established to solve the identity crisis that confronted the young people of
the region through exposure to the global methods of doing things.

The NDYP became the group to organize the first ever Economic Summit for young people in Niger Delta region, which was hosted by Governor Godswill Akpabio in Akwa Ibom State. However, seeing a need to integrate and provide same opportunity for all Nigerian youths irrespective of region, Moses Siasia successfully orchestrated the metamorphosis of the NDYP into what is now known as Nigerian Young Professionals Forum, (NYPF) to create room for all Nigerian youths to get on board the platform and benefit from its numerous empowerment ventures.

The NYPF was founded amongst other things to empower young people, by creating jobs and encouraging them to take a more active role in politics and social economic issues. In his own words, Moses stated that "We started what is called the Nigeria Young Professional Group and, in two years, we are in 15 countries; we are the only youth group in Nigeria that is registered in the United States of America and United Kingdom and we are about finalizing our registrations with the United Nations." Today, NYPF has successfully established a network of young professionals from over 13 countries around the globe, with summits held in London, New York and many other cities. NYPF has a membership of over Ten Million Nigerian Young Professionals and is open to
everyone from all geo-political zones across Nigeria, including Young Nigerian Professionals living in Diaspora.

In 2014, Moses made a strong statement, he saw the marginalization of the Nigerian youths in politics, in leadership. They were relegated to the background and so In Moses words, "I founded the group to give voice to the youths. Some of the elite are not interested in the youth. They would not give the younger generation the chance to lead. They would continue to come up with strategies that would further undermine us and ensure that the youths do not speak with one voice". when his NYPF organized an International Youth Conference with the theme, “National Integration & the Quest for Purposeful Leadership" in Abuja on the 9th of
August 2014, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR), the Minister of Finance and Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and eight other Ministers were in attendance.

Moses Siasia, Having being raised in poverty, has shown tremendous interest in ameliorating the sufferings and plights of the less privileged. Over the years, in an individual capacity, Moses Siloko Siasia has provided jobs for numerous young Nigerian's, especially those from Bayelsa

Siasia has an ongoing scholarship scheme funded from his private earnings, with the mandate to help as many a child as possible, who cannot afford the cost of education, to get an education. Siasia is determined to eradicate poverty from the lives of any young person he encounters. Moses is of the opinion that if as an individual he has provided a good life for numerous young Nigerian's, if entrusted with public resources he will do much more.

Siasia was in 2014 tipped to become one of Africa’s Economic Leaders by the Choiseul Institute for International Politics and Geo-economics, and in September 2015, he is nominated alongside Champion Igali as the only two individuals from Bayelsa as "People Who Inspire" by a Spanish Organization.

Having seen the suffering and heard the cry of Bayelsan's, Moses has decided to bring succour to the people of his homeland by vying for the position of a Governor in Bayelsa state. According to moses, "After consulting with my family and friends, and based upon the tremendous outcry from my home state for help, I have decided to run for the office of Governor of Bayelsa. For far too long, my people have suffered from political oppression! Despite being one of the wealthiest states in Nigeria, with an abundance of natural resources, Bayelsa has one of the highest unemployment rates in Nigeria. Our children do not have modern schools or tools to educate them. Our students abroad are stranded without resources to complete their education. Our infrastructure has been neglected resulting in dangerous impassable roads, lack of potable water,
and basic human hygiene. Our older citizens have been abandoned and left to die in poverty and poor health. Our young, internationally educated young
men and women have been denied the opportunity to run for office, and told that “the office of the Governor is not for boys”. Young citizens of Bayelsa who today seek change are being threatened and intimidated for speaking up against the current regime. Fear mongering and intimidation has no place in Bayelsa and the time has come to end this madness and take back our state from lying, thieving, self-serving politicians.

Considering his age, Siasia’s achievements are most
humbling. To think that he grew up in a state of squalor and he is just 35 years old with so much going for him, is mind-blowing. If the people of Bayelsa state must begin to experience the dividend of democracy, the new face of leadership must be embraced and Moses stands as that face of leadership that will bring about the total liberation of the State from the claws of bad leaders.

Aluzu Ebikebuna A.
New Media Coordinator, Moses Siasia Campaign Team.

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