Monday, 9 November 2015



Dear Bayelsans, just like Fashola said "I have remained loyal to causes I signed to, I stand by my word." I have remained loyal to the total liberation of Bayelsa from this state of doldrums. The political violence, intimidation and victimization that normally characterizes our electioneering process is gradually paving way for a more matured psyche electioneering process.

By this write up, I am necessarily taking a swipe at political adventurism and adventurers. This is an individual's honest effort in an attempt to critically appraise the means of attaining leadership. Prior, it was clearly shown that the political processes of leadership recruitment have been totally bastardized and desecrated by political hooligans and desperado's. This is the foisting on the economic disadvantaged masses a bunch of criminals and opportunists who lacks the moral willpower and inner capacity to deliver the democracy dividends. This masses bears all the grunts in return as no succor seems approaching their direction.

Our elders in the existing political parties, ruling or not are all out for their own share of the proverbial 'cake'. On the moral scale, they too are compromised by self centeredness and a naked and primitive acquisitive propensities. Two of the Bayelsa state contestant bears eloquent testimony to this fact.

Apart from being an iconoclast, a renegade and a hopeless pessimist, I have risen above the morass to project a vision for the future. A vision that locates the political redemption of the state in the hands of a 'new-breed' politicians imbued with a clear sense of a mission. In the new order, such distracting elements nepotism, chauvinism, money power and manipulation are seriously de-emphasized. Indeed, there is an emphasis on grassroots mobilization and political enlightenment of the masses so they can make intelligent choices in political arena. For a revamping of the system, the old should be supplanted with the new. It should be noted however that the cause of all progressive movement world over have always been helped and propelled by men and women who themselves are members of the privileged class who commits what I call 'class suicide' becomes effective instrument to push the revolution forward. These men and women relinquish all the benefits accruing to them for being part of this privilege class to champion the cause of the common man.

Moses Siloko Siasia and Irene Digitemie Opuene have come to offer us total liberation, freedom and the real change. They have come to offer us an alternative, so that no more shall the plea of being caught up in the dilemma between the Devil and the deep blue sea avail us. This team has committed the requisite class suicide to catapult Bayelsa to a higher level. And this time, I see Bayelsans taking a conscious step to ensure the actualization of this vision and the taking of the gargantuan stride from political imposition to political consciousness as the youths and women which constitutes the bulk of the majority are beginning to ask questions, certain relevant questions begging for timely answers.

A vote for Moses Siloko Siasia and Irene Digitemie of PDM the party with the torch logo, is a vote for freedom, a vote for liberation and a vote for light.

Aluzu Ebikebuna A.

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