Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Happy Birthday Umem David Emmanuel Snr

On this occasion of your celebration of life, may I seize the moment in order not to lose touch of the special garb that adorns today to join your numerous friends, family and well wishers worth to celebrate with you my colleague, friend, good man and gentleman per excellence Umem David Emmanuel

You are a man of great ideals and moulder of infant minds. Your principles of life, discipline and dedication to work are common knowledge to the Humanitarian Community.

You are a man with a date with history, astute, erudite, caring and creative in thinking and thorough in implementation, yet humble and dedicated.

In you, the children and those fortunate enough to find themselves under your umbrella of hope have vistas of a glorious dawn.

Happy Birthday to you.

Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine
Revolutionary Youths Blog

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