Friday, 18 March 2016

The world bank has given the Nigerian government a grant of about US$168m to be given to entrepreneurs as incentive to business expansion and start ups.

The world bank has given the Nigerian government a grant of about US$168m to be given to entrepreneurs as incentive to business expansion and start ups.

To benefit from this grant, owners and managers od small businesses in ICT, hospitality and entertainment, construction and light industries must register now on www

The conditions which are simple are well stated when you open the site. No fees or charges.

Also, NYPF set to launch N.5bn Grant for Entrepreneurs and Students.

As part of efforts to grow more indigenous entrepreneurs, encourage the
culture of self-reliance and deepen the Nigeria economy, the Nigerian
Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) in partnership with Heritage Bank and its
development partners is set to launch a N500 million special seed fund
(YESGrant) for young Nigerians on Tuesday 22nd March 2016.

According to the Director of Communications Miss. Owomilere Obe, the
scheme was borne out of the need to address the enormous challenges young
people go through in their quest towards achieving set goals in their
small scale businesses and in their academic pursuits.  She noted that the
grant will enable young entrepreneurial postulants with creative ideas in
Agriculture, ICT and creative industry start or expand their business
concepts and provide over 500 Nigerian students schooling locally or
abroad with tuition to pursue their academic dreams and aspiration in the
areas of research and technological/scientific innovation.

“The main objective of the NYPF (YESGrant) Programme is to deepen the
Nigerian economy by deliberately encouraging and supporting aspiring
entrepreneurs in Nigeria to develop and execute business ideas that will
lead to massive job creation and also paying tuition for indigent students
so that they can be relevant to the society by having relevant skills that
employer’s needs. Jobs are a foundation of economic and social
development, improving living standards, productivity and social cohesion.
Jobs are responsible for moving people out of poverty”. She said.
Owomilere, therefore encouraged all to apply through the grants online
application system that will be available at and provide all supporting documentation on or before June 2016 to be eligible for the first year disbursement to award recipients in August 2016.

To qualify for YESGrant, prospective recipients must be between the ages
of 18- 40, be registered members of the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum
(NYPF), and be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
using their registered companies and have an account with Heritage Bank
prior to disbursement of fund. Student’s award recipients must In addition
provide their matriculation number and academic progression report.

The Nigerian Young Professionals Forum, a non-governmental organisation that has been in the forefront lead of building the next generation of business
frontiers through intervention programmes for young Nigerians. In 2015,
over 1000 carefully selected entrepreneurs made up of young business
owners residing in Nigeria and in the Diaspora met at the International
Conference Centre in Abuja for the debut of the Young Nigerians CEO’s
Conference and Exhibition 2015 organized by the NYPF. The conference with
the theme, “Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Building Economic
Leaders for Tomorrow” afforded young entrepreneurs in Nigeria the
opportunity to exchange ideas with their peers from other parts of the
world and also served as a platform for the young business owners to
discuss challenges they encounter in their operations and its impact on
the Nigerian economy.

Owomilere Obe
Director of Communications - NYPF


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