Saturday, 27 February 2016

LAWSAN President breaches LAWSAN Constitution, submits budget 16 days after the first sitting of the LAWSAN House of Assembly

LAWSAN President finally submits budget (26/2/2016) 16 days after inauguration of the house. Though in breach of the provision of Section 22(1)(c) of the LAWSAN Constitution which states that:


c) The President shall present an Appropriation Bill of the Executive Council to the LAWSAN House of Assembly within 14 working days of the first sitting of the LAWSAN House of Assembly.

The LAWSAN House of Assembly on its fifth sitting (16 days after its first sitting) received the President's budget titled 'BUDGETARY PROPOSAL FOR THE 2015/2016 SESSION'

The budget which have:

Capital Expenditure             = N835,000.00

Recurrent Expenditure       = N4,555,000.00

Extra Budgetary Expenses = N35,000.00

GRAND TOTAL                      = N5,425,000.00

Below, is the breakdown of the budget;

This administration is determined to maximize its use of the students fund and at the same time source for funds from external sources.

Funds will be generated from the following sources:

(1) LAWSAN dues

(2) Donations

(3) Payment of practicing fees

(4) Any other source that may be approved by the LAWSAN House of Assembly


(1) Recurrent expenditure

(2) Capital expenditure


a) Rehabilitation of the LAWSAN toilet -  N120,000.00

b) Provision of Result Board - N30,000.00

c) Provision of LAWSAN Constitution (300 copies) - N200,000.00

d) Creating a LAWSAN website - N75,000.00

e) Rehabilitation of L.A.H, L.L.H., and Law Clinic - N150,000.00

f) Purchase of 4 wigs and 4 gowns - N120,000.00

g) Renovation of President's office - N100,000.00

h) Renovation of Moot Court and Offices - N40,000.00


a) Fresher's Reception/Opening of Legal year - N200,000.00

b) Allowance to Arms of Government

I) Executive - N100,000.00

II) Legislature - N80,000.00

III) Judiciary - N60,000.00

c) Grants to Committees

I) Moot Court Committee - N30,000.00

II) Editorial Committee - N15,000.00

III) Sports Committee - N50,000.00

IV) Social Activities Committee - N20,000.00

d) LAWSAN DINNER - N4,000,000.00


a) Stationary for LAWSAN - N20,000.00

b) Out of Pocket Expenses - N15,000.00

GRAND TOTAL - N5,425,000.00 (Five million, four hundred and twenty five thousand Naira)

Please, what are your thoughts on this budget, do you think the President can reposition LAWSAN on the path of the much talked about 'intellectual revolution'?

We at Revolutionary Youths think it is hypocrisy that the budget did not talk about the Faculty Library, so much for the 'Intellectual Revolution'

© Revolutionary Youths 2016

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