Saturday, 23 January 2016

An open letter to the President Elect by Aluzu

An Open Epistle To His Excellency Iyene John (LAWSAN President Elect)
Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine was trying to make common sense as he writes an open letter to the newly elected LAWSAN President, read the content of the letter below:

Mr. President, like thousands of friends and associates both within and outside the faculty, I want to say congratulations on your most deserved victory in the just concluded LAWSAN Presidential elections which I consider the most transparent presidential election in the history of Our Dear Faculty (because none has ever been so keenly contested like this one) in terms of everything; from the pre- election campaign, campaign proper, propaganda against members of your campaign organization, to the final elections on 22/1/2016.

Yes it wasn't an easy one because for once, it was not about some group of "elite kingmakers" deciding the selection process and anointment formalities and
strategically/systematically foistening on the people their stooges. But this time around, the various campaign trains went down to Constituencies and Hostels, and the people, being the true deciding factor, featured prominently in the process of how, who and why a particular candidate should emerge as
their President. Indeed, this election has lend life to Section 14(1), Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999.
Iyene John (LAWSAN President Elect 2015/2016)

Despite the many negative reportage that characterised the entire build up to the processes with various malpractices; from financial inducement to threats and even blackmail, to attempt to stifle the people even at the LAWSAN Congress. The people felt the importance of their role in deciding who occupies the LAWSAN 'Iron Throne'. Nonetheless, This time, even in the face of threats, blackmails and various propagandas, the people - both young and old, women and men - came out and stood their grounds; they queued up and decided who they wanted with their thumbs.

Many fell victims even as some ended up at the receiving end of some undemocratic campaign strategies unbridled which led to infantile emission of cheap talks just to hew huge political points. Irrespective of the causes and misgivings from the perpetrators of the callous acts, the people showed the world how courageous they are as LAWSANites and how they can face even danger with heavy security presence at the polls a testament, when they really wants to make a statement as LAWSANites.

That is why, at this juncture in our history, more than ever, I will say: Mr President Sir, "Please DON'T disappoint those who have sacrificed for this course and NEVER let down the confidence of all the people that stood, fought and voted for you across the Faculty" because everyone of them are the reason for this successful revolution.

Remember, without money, Godfathers, or other elders at your disposal, our poor LAWSANites came out on their empty stomach's as early as 7:30am to the polling boots just to make sure they cast their votes. 

I wish to advice that in nocircumstances should there be a divide or preference attention in your prospective dealings with any part of the Faculty or LAWSANites (please do not entertain the politics of preferred
constituencies) because everyone played their role and even those that voted for the opposition, make your victory even more resounding. Always remember this! Everybody in the Faculty should be carried along as much as possible even as you double your efforts to BETTER the Lives of LAWSANites and transform our Faculty beyond rhetoric, to enable her attain the desired height as the true Prestigious Faculty by restoring her integrity.

Dear crowned Prince Sir, as you are fondly called, please do well to play the role of a people's leader and not a
Ruler this time around. I urge you to serve LAWSANites BETTER irrespective of STATUS, in all sincerity and faithfully; and not to foster anymore government of 'pleasing some few political elites, sycophants and elders'. You must Always remember that, it's the poor people that sacrificed for the victory you are celebrating today. CONSIDER your election as a 'test of fire' to see if truly you can and will keep to your words and promises as a man of integrity, who has been given a much tasking chance to prove critics wrong and also prepared to write his name in the sands of time. Let industry, hard work and innovation be rewarded in your administration, review the LAWSAN Constitution and let LAWSANites have a feeling of contribution towards your policies.

History and posterity has opened a new record and would judge accordingly; you've been given a chance to set the pace for aspiring indigent LAWSANites, that indeed, good name is better than riches.

Don't forget that this opportunity will in one way or the other determine the continuous followership of your personality and affiliation, both in and outdide the Faculty. Try as much as you can not to create room for the people to regret supporting and voting for you; Your Excellency, don't give us
the impression that this victory was just a mere political exercise and so can be taken for granted without recourse for the price paid for it. 

Don't give room for people to start
clamouring for an alternative mandate because definitely your performance and disposition towards the people will equally determine the attention and disposition you and your associates will get in future elections. Do well to heal the wounds of those affected (even those with wounded pride), healing their wounds will mark the starting point for true reconciliation and bonding. Trust in your new leadership and governance, this way, all hands will be on deck to make LAWSAN great and BETTER than it is right Now.

I want to wish you well, and specifically dedicate this victory to the people, who came out even in the sunny Friday, to confront and conquer an actual Tyrant and cast their votes.

Congratulations to all LAWSANites!

Long Live the Good People of LAWSAN Uniuyon!!
Long Live Akwa Ibom State!!!
Long Live Nigeria!!!
Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine

I am Hon. Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine
Member representing Constituency III, LAWSAN Legislative Council.

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